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(These forums are my beginning attempts at PHP/MySQL/CSS. They will improve bit by bit)
I started coding these forums on 5/20/2009 with almost no prior experience with PHP or MySQL.
Javascript routines work with IE 8, Mozilla Firefox 3.0.10, and Opera, so far
Pardon the color scheme, I continue to tinker with it

Welcome to TTopForums. I began programming this site on 5/20/2009 using PHP, MySQL, and most recently, CSS.
I've extended my hosting to December 2010. Thank you for all your feedback!
Thanks for stopping by!

- Craig Yack, developer of TTopRPG 2.0

Are and down, preventing you from installing or updating with TTopLaunch 1.02?
A backup Downloads thread is here! Get TTopLaunch 1.05 from the install zip.

10-23-2010: There was server maintenance that may have resulted in your TTopRPG.exe, version.txt and TTopLaunch.exe being corrupted. This thread discusses the issue, although things seem normal again now. My apologies for the inconvenience.

2-3-2013: Apparently my hoster upgraded to a different version of php, so some scripts are throwing errors now. Eventually I'll get to fixing them. In the meantime, you should still be able to view existing posts, but I can't guarantee creating new posts will work.

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